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JUMPING ONBOARD Zappedtothepast PODCAST as a sponsor

I'm thrilled to be jumping onboard zappedtothepast as a sponsor (I do also love Rob O'Hara's Sprite Castle and am a Patreon of that podcast). Adrian and Graham are lifelong c64 fans and the premise of seeing if these old games are still worth playing today is tops. If you haven't listened to their podcast, do yourself a favour and get onboard. I don't always agree with their reviews but they're always fun to listen to. They also pan the crap titles like Brian Bloodaxe, Minder, Rupert the Bear (what even was that?) and all the cash in crap we had to tolerate between the gems. Most importantly, they're funny - sections like 'crapverts' about some of the dreadful game ads amuse me no end. I pay tribute to classic games in most of my books, in particular the Commodore 64 games that I loved so much, so I am super excited about supporting these guys. For more info, visit them via: