Based on the award-winning screenplay and set in Brisbane, Australia, unpredictable Tara’s a leftist rebel who is struggling to stop her life sliding out of control. Her sister Pandora, the far right Prime Minister, stands for all that Tara opposes, seeking to take away basic human rights under the guise of ‘protecting Australia from terrorism’. During their feud both sisters see themselves as wearing the ‘white hat’.

    Tara plots a way to get access to their father’s time machine so she can go back in time to stop her sister from transforming Australia’s democracy into a fascist dictatorship. As well as doing whatever it takes to turn the tables on her sister, Tara will try her best to get her lips around the doughnut of her dreams. ORDER

    Audiobook available via Booktopia, Audible, Kobo and Audiobooks.


    Set in a future where matriarchy has toppled patriarchy, Moroz is a flawed, old-fashioned gumshoe fighting for equality in a society where human-form androids are the norm.


    Notorious roboticist and artificial intelligence whiz Isadora is his greatest adversary yet his only hope to restore justice between the sexes. Yet her own plans are to keep men under her thumb.


    When Isadora is charged with murder, Moroz must consider the cost of trying to solve the case: something that could cost him his family, any chance of true equality and his very life. Additionally, footage of Isadora committing the crime makes the task seem a fool’s errand. ORDER

    Screenplay version was a finalist at the Byron Bay Film Festival (2019) and the overall winner for best feature screenplay at AFIN (2020).

    Audiobook available via BooktopiaGooglePlay, Apple, Audible, Kobo and Audiobooks.


    Set in a hostile galaxy mirroring real nations and world events, standing against the vicious aliens known as Tharnians, is a reluctant hero named Deacon.


    When he meets a Tharnian named Rugor, it’s clear only one of them can remain alive – and their paths will keep crossing until the victor emerges.


    Deacon will traverse open space enlisting the help of allies like the Zenites with their cloaked ships, a space station full of unlikely pirates and a mysterious alien who knew his great grandfather.


    The Starfarers will also have to work together, easier said than done, in this frantic space opera where everyone is out to get them.


    Deacon must also attempt to fulfil an ancient prophecy and uncover an insidious plot to force the free universe to bow down to the most cunning of enemies – humans!

    Audiobook available via Booktopia, Audible, Kobo and Audiobooks.


    Living in a sleepy Queensland country town named Rosewood, Paddy is one of the local ‘bad boys’ and even at a young age, has a history of getting on the wrong side of the law.


    With a record for driving under the influence he runs down a cyclist while, as luck would have it, sober.


    The police should have an open-and-shut case, yet two questions remain.


    Why did she turn in front of him? Did the collision kill her or … did someone else come back to finish the job?


    With the ‘help’ of a young boy named Charlie, who could be his friend or his foe, Paddy must find out what really happened as he determines to ‘put things right’. ORDER

    Audiobook coming in 2021 - stay tuned!


    Their aim is nothing short of universal domination by means of war. So far their plans have not gone astray and they enjoy victory after victory over the 'lesser' life forms of the galaxies. But now, an insignificant human threatens to upend the grand strategy of the Tharnian species...his name is Jarre.


    In a twist and turn accounting of his stubborn fight against the all-consuming race of destroyers, Jarre's exploits are time and again suborned by more backstabbing characters than you will find in a meeting of butlers at a mystery convention. Just when you think you have a handle on which way the plot will proceed, be prepared for a sharp, warp-speed turn in the opposite direction.


    There are no slow downs or let ups in this story and a new surprise lurks behind every planet.



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    I spent a recent Friday in Studio89 in Toowoomba with engineer Sam recording the audiobook version of 'Paddy Go Easy, What Happens When You Hit & Run?' It took 7 hours to record what will be around 3 hours, 20 minutes of content (I'm guessing). Sam was a pro (and check out his amazing band, ...
    My most exciting day as a 10-year-old was when my mum brought my brother and me to the local cinema. There was a new Sci-Fi flick out – and apparently it was somewhat amazing. We didn’t go to the cinema often, in fact, this was only the second time in my life. Being a big fan of BBC’s ‘Blakes 7’,...
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