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escape from the commodore 64 - book with my editor

 My next book is almost ready! Of all the books I've written, I love this one the most. My beta reader, Belinda Missen, has been instrumental in bringing this to life, and my editor, Kat Betts, will finish off what has been the story I always wanted to write!

Podcasts like 'Zappedtothepast' and 'Sprite Castle' have inspired me too - bringing back all those memories of these classic games.

Here's is an early preview of the cover design - not finished yet.

What's it all about? Transporting you back to the 1980s, Sarah finds herself trapped inside her brother's computer! Can she escape? How did it happen? Sarah doesn't even like computers, never mind the games! It's an adventure story and for once, it's not based on a screenplay like my last four books. I really hope you enjoy it!


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