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I've got 2 projects on the go at the moment.

1. The new book! 'Escape from the Commodore 64' is coming 1st quarter of 2022. Stay tuned as this ... will ... be ... exciting! What's old is new again and a fun time is promised to all who read it. I am proud of all my books, even the flawed Ruminations which is dated now, as they are part of my journey. The last 4 books have been much better than I could have hoped for thanks to amazing editors and the best beta reader in the universe. This book is passion on the page, bottled dreams poured out into something I found you find enchanting.

2. Solanaball. I'm playing in the Solana NFT space - and working to sell on (verification pending). I've had pieces that I designed put together by talented artist zqwpografhic from who has been paid and is happy with his part of the deal (he knows I'm selling these). In fact, I want to give him more work doing up other Solanaball teams but we'll have to see how the project goes.

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