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AFIN 2020 selects 'The Case of the Notorious Roboticist' as best feature screenplay.

'The Case of the Notorious Roboticist' has been selected as the best feature screenplay at the 2020 AFIN International Film Festival. At the red carpet awards ceremony in Brisbane at the Triffid on 15/11/2020, the announcement was made recognising local screenplay writer David Hearne.


AFIN (All-Inclusive Film Industry Network) supports filmmakers and screenwriters with original ideas and concepts, and is interested in films and screenplays which tell unique and important stories.


In his acceptance speech, QPIX graduate David thanked the AFIN festival organisers for putting on such a great festival in such a challenging year and encouraged all the other award nominees and winners to keep going because 'you just never know'. He also acknowledged just how important the film industry is for everyone, something highlighted during COVID-19.


'The Case of the Notorious Roboticist' was also a finalist at the Byron Bay International Film Festival in 2019 and is currently available to be optioned with David keen to partner with the right producer to see his vision brought to life on the big screen.


The dystopian, cyberpunk noir thriller follows an old-fashioned gumshoe fighting for equality in a society where human-form androids are the norm and the lines between human and robot love are blurred. The story is also available as both a book and audiobook from Amazon and Audible.

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