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'72 to 1' is a short film from many years ago. It did screen at Flickerfest in Toowoomba (as part of local content) at the Empire Theatre and I arranged a private screening at 'The Regal' cinema in Graceville.

Shot in Toowoomba with a fabulous cast and crew, it was and always will be a bit special. I worked with Shane Cantly who shot and directed it, Maria Ingra-Fry who help organise it and co-produced with me. We did the casting at QPIX and picked a wonderful cast of actors, many of whom I would love to work with again down the road. As I get older and the road gets narrower I realise this may never happen but I do and will keep trying.

I studied screenwriting at QPIX and '72 to 1' was one of many shorts I wrote over a two-year period. Only two were ever made.

'The Case of the Notorious Roboticist' has had nibbles to option since it scooped a slew of awards for best feature screenplay and the book continues to get generally very positive feedback. 'Escape from the Commodore 64' and 'The Dog Club' are my first co-writes as screenplays and you just never know - one day perhaps? 'Paddy Go Easy...' hasn't been picked up but again, sometimes I'm asked about it so I never say never. It's a low-budget murder mystery story set in Rosewood - one day I'd like to produce that one myself.

In the meantime, here's a link to my short film, not possible without all those involved and my forever lesson that collaboration beats isolation when it comes to getting something off the ground.