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'Escape from the Commodore 64' (co-write with Belinda Missen) has had a grand old time on the Film Festival Circuit after being the 2023 Queensland Screenwriting Award Winner at the Gold Coast Film Festival. We have interest from two studios who asked to read the script plus discussions with a wonderful QLD company we might be able to partner with down the road. Very thankful to the GCFF (and AFIN for recognising us as a Finalist this year). Two wonderful Australian festivals right here in Qld. We also received some love around the world, getting the top prize at Navy international film festival, Beyond Border International Film Festival and Indo Singapore International Film Festival. Twas also a nominee at the Madison Film Festival and a selection at Markham (Canada) International Film Festival, Golden State Film Festival, Your Way International Film Festival, Bridge Fest, Yellowstone International Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

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'The Case of the Notorious' screenplay (AFIN winner in 2020, Finalist Byron Bay International Film Festival 2019, AIFF Finalist) reached 'Quarter Finalist' at both Bondi Screenplay and the Belgrade International Film Festival this year and took out the top award at both the Cuckoo International Film Awards and Best Script Award - London. It was also a selection at the Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival this year. This remains my most 'decorated' screenplay that I also hope will see the light of day with a film studio down the road. It's a slow burn but this tale about A.I. and androids has had its share of attention.

Finally, 'The Dog Club' (co-write with Andrew Thelander) was an award winner at the Indo Singapore International Film Festival this year, a nominee for best screenplay at Animalis Fabula Film Festival and received an honourable mention at both the Sofia Art Film Awards and the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival. It was also a selection at the Barcelona Indie Awards. No Australian festivals like this one - I'm not sure why but that is life. Make each story different from the last. I still think this would make a great film.

Oh ... I didn't enter 'Back in Time for a Doughnut' or 'Paddy Go Easy, What Happens When You Hit & Run' in any competitions this year - perhaps 2024 will be their year to get rewritten.